Mission is Our Vision

The primary focus of SOF is supporting the missionary activities under the ecclesial guidance of the Church to serve the needy in our communities and across Canada. By the generosity of the its members and other donors, SOF endeavours to:

  •  Provide Pastoral care to the needy communities;
  •  Support some of the most isolated and vulnerable people amongst us, including, individuals, families, and demographics.
  •  Fellowship.

Our Values

  •  Compassion & Love
  •  Inclusiveness: Supporting people of all faiths, and background as God’s creation.
  •  Excellence: every program we do is done with utmost efficiency
  •  Collaboration: In collaboration with the Clergy and SOF Members.
  •  Accountability: Treat every donation as sacred trust, right to know how the funds are being used, low cost ratio (admin cost to charity)
  •  Divine Intercession: We believe in the power of prayers to achieve our vision .

Our Focus

Join the Movement by..

  • • Monthly Donation (PAD forms Available)
  • • Intercessory Prayers
  • • Volunteering your time (transportation of priests)
  • • Organizing social & Spiritual programs (retreat, youth programs)
  • • Sponsoring a priest/seminarian